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5(+) things I bet you didn’t know about Peoplestown & Chosewood Park Neighborhoods.

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5(+) things I bet you didn’t know about Peoplestown & Chosewood Park Neighborhoods.

#1 – Location Location Location.  Always the #1 factor in Real Estate.  Did you know both Peoplestown & Chosewood Park are less than 3 miles from Downtown? No, well if you didn’t know that, here are 10 amazing things you can do, all in less than 15 minutes from these awesome neighborhoods:
1) Walk to a braves game at Turner Field
2) Walk the Atlanta Beltline!
3) Play soccer or baseball, put together a kickball league at Boulevard Crossing Park!
4) Stare at a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline from your living room, master bedroom, back porch. Ahhhh…
5) Drive to Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport to take off on your winter vacation
6) Visit The New World of Coca-Cola
7) Go to a festival at Centennial Olympic Park (We hear the Jazz Festival is a pretty sweet time!)
8) Hang with friends at Krog Street Market.
9) Check out a Falcon’s game at the new Falcon’s Stadium,
10) Hop on the Atlanta Beltline Streetcar!! (okay, okay, we know it’s not here yet…. But it will be!)

#2 – Greenspace. Did you know Atlanta is one of the most under parked cities in the United States?  No really, even Ben Carson couldn’t deny it!  With park space being so scarce in Atlanta, Peoplestown & Chosewood Park have it in an abundance!  Not only are both neighborhoods a 5-10 walk to the beautiful and historic Grant Park, but they both enjoy: Boulevard Crossing Park (the first of the Atlanta Beltline inspired parks), Stanton Park (one of the very first cost-neutral parks in the South, you’ve gotta check out the solar panel system!), Four Corners Park, and Chosewood Park.  Not to mention Phoenix Park’s 1 & 2, and the cute little corner park at Hill St & Ormond Ave.

#3 – History.  What Millennial’s get that the rest of us don’t, is you can’t learn from history by ignoring or falsifying it.  Today where the New Schools of Carver High sit, was once home to Clark College, later becoming Clark University, and finally what we now know as Clark Atlanta University.  Founded and named after Bishop Davis Wasgatt Clark, the first President of the Freedman’s Aid Society, this location is Atlanta History.  Did you hear me?  The Freedman’s Aid Society.  This is American History Folks.  Do you know about the Atlanta Riots of 1906?  Did you know from this site we have: 1) Clark-Atlanta University, 2) The Gammon School of Theology, 3) The New Schools of Carver High, and leaders like, Ralph David Abernathy & Marvin Arrington, or in today’s world, Amanda Davis of Fox5 in Atlanta, & Bomani Jones of ESPN.  Did you know the poem “The Litany of Atlanta”, written by W.E.B. Du Bois, was inspired here.  This ain’t just Atlanta History folks, this is American History.

#4 – Schools.  The New Schools Of Carver High, and Stanton Elementary School are doing amazing things.  Some of the outcomes from Atlanta’s famous cheating scandal includes the restructuring of Atlanta’s hardest hit schools and The New Schools of Carver High was part of that.  With investments & support from some of the largest foundations in the country, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The New Schools of Carver High are primed to reach amazing heights.  Stanton Elementary School was not only one of the harder impacted schools from the scandal, they it was the hardest fought for school from the community perspective.  It was scheduled to be closed, but the community wouldn’t let it happen.  They spoke, they rallied, and they fought, and now the school is exceeding anybodies wildest dreams.
#5 – Housing.  One of a kind homes. Most of the houses in Chosewood Park were built during the 20’s, so we’re talking old charm with unique renovations. Craftsman style, bungalows, cape cod-esque cottages, on charming streets, some with unparalleled views. The housing over here is unique. No cookie cutters here!  Just your average large front porch to get to know your neighbors from, high attic space from which to expand, and large lots from which to grow your own.  Of the 46 homes that have sold here in the last 6 months, the average sales price was $204,983.  The average DOM (Days on Market) 33.  In 2014 the average DOM was more than 70.  Folks are finding out about the homes, the people, the history, and what’s going on.  See you Saturday, Halloween, October 31st, from 11:00am – 2:00pm at 1212 Grant St.  C2C Oct31.151212 Grant St SEAtlanta, GA 30315

Go West Homie (southwest)

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Local Real Estate Rule # 1?  Location.

If you find an Atlanta based Real Estate Professional who tries to convince you a better home can be found in a location like Capitol View Manor, than in Peachtree Hills, you should consider calling the real estate commission and reporting them (urrr me).

Local Real Estate Rule #2; throw out rule #1.

The actual #1 rule in real estate is Location.  As a matter of fact, it’s also rules 2 & 3.   Location Location Location.

Based on these silly rules, nobody would ever buy homes in Capitol View, or Capitol View Manor, or Adair Park, or West End, or Sylvan Hills, or Westview, or Washington Park, or Howell Station, or Mozley Park.  You get the idea.  But truth is, according to stats from FMLS, somebody is buying homes in Capitol View & Capitol View Manor.  In the last 4 years, more homes have sold in Capitol View & Capitol View Manor, than in Peachtree Hills, 190 – 160, despite there being more properties in Peachtree Hills.  It must be the price.  Right?  After all, Peachtree Hills is the southern border of Buckhead (actually Garden Hills may be, but we can include Garden Hills in the conversation as well).  Who doesn’t want to be associated with Buckhead.  If being Buckheads southern border isn’t enough for you in picking a neighborhood, wouldn’t having the word “Peachtree” in it help.  “Peachtree Hills” not only does the neighborhood have the word “Peachtree” in it, but it has a street with the word “Peachtree” in it.  It even has a park with the word “Peachtree” in it.  Think about it, who wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood just south of Buckhead, with the word “Peachtree” sprinkled all over it?  Peachtree Hills, no brainer, almost.

But if being south of Buckhead, and having an over abundance of “Peachtree’s” throughout isn’t enough for you, Go West homie.

Capitol View & Capitol View Manor.  Not a single street, or park has the name “Peachtree” in it.  But both are still south of Buckhead, and there is a view of the capitol.  Or I think there’s a view of the capitol.  There should be a view of the capitol.  Right?  Truth be known, I can’t promise you a view of the capitol, but I can promise a few things.  Easier access to the busiest airport in the WORLD.  That’s gotta count for something.  No.  How ‘bout 5 minutes from the 1996 Olympic Park.  Better.  Ok, how about less than a mile from Turner Field.  Urrr, scratch that.  How ‘bout less than 5 minutes from the New Falcon’s Stadium.  Rise Up now, I think we’re on to something.  How ’bout having the one of the largest, most inclusive redevelopment projects in the country, The Atlanta Beltline being the northern border for both Capitol View & Capitol View Manor.  How about having access to the ONLY urban farm in the city.  Not enough?  Ok.  Did I mention the new Fulton County Library coming to Capitol View Manor, or the 50+ acre Perkerson Park in Capitol View.

Okay, competing with Peachtree Hills is hard to do.  But what if we added value to the conversation?  Did you know you can find the same housing stock in Capitol View & Capitol View Manor, that you find in Virginia Highlands, Morningside, and Grant Park, but at prices less than $200,000?  Did you know the street grid system in Capitol View Manor more than resembles the street grid system in Virginia Highlands?  It does.  You should drive it.

How about this, let’s look at recent & current market information:

Did you know the lowest priced home sold in Peachtree Hills in 2011 (3 years ago), was a 864 square foot, 2-bedroom, 1-bath home on Terrace Dr with a Parking Pad for $213,000? (below).Image

Meanwhile, the highest price home to sell in Capitol View or Capitol View Manor in 2013 was a 2005 build, 1,754 square foot, 2-story bungelow for $158,000 on Manford Road(below).  Image

Did you know the cheapest current active listing in Peachtree Hills is a 1,080sf, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home on Lindbergh Drive, with a 1-car carport, for $309,900(below).  Image

Meanwhile, back in the “view”, there’s a listing about to go active, that’s more than 3,500sf, brick with imported italian roof tiles, on the communities best lot, with a 2-car garage, and a full in-law suite in the basement, being listed for $229,000 (below).  Image

When talking dollar-for-dollar value in a home, there really is no comparison.  Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods, having long been forgotten, are rising up like the phoenix.  But Peachtree Hills, with the better schools, more restaurants and actually having places to shop, is only better for those who can afford it.  But take note of the investments being made in Southwest Atlanta,

  • The Atlanta Beltline, providing access to 45 in-town neighborhoods, including Buckhead.
  • The Latin Academy, and other local charter schools are making a hugh impact on schools (check our Kindezi, Kipp Strives, and Drew)
  • new libraries,
  • an Urban Farm,

and access amenities like:

Southwest Atlanta shouldn’t be slept on.  And with the amazing character homes that mirror some of our more sought out communities like Va. Highlands, a case can be made for the “Views”.

No people shouldn’t be sleeping on Southwest Atlanta anymore.  They should be sleeping in Southwest Atlanta.  Go West Homie.

Walkable Atlanta

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The 3 most important words in the Real Estate Industry?  Old School Real Estate 101 says “Location, Location, Location”.    But in 2014, as we enjoy gas prices currently down from $4/gallon, and traffic being a 7 day a week issue, the 3 most important words in my real estate reference “Quality of Life”, and those words are:  Walkable, Walkable, Walkable.

Atlanta’s long been the poster child for Urban Sprawl.  With no natural barriers, and until the late ’90’s Metro Atlanta enjoyed having some of the cheapest gas in the country, Developers would build it, and we would go.  Gwinnett County, Cobb County, Douglas County, all experienced some of biggest population growths in the country in the late ’90’s, and into the early 21st Century.  

Well Vegas (actually not as much Vegas, as much as me) says put your money on in-town.  Why is that?  With the exception of the New Braves Stadium, amenities are intown.  The High Museum, The Fox Theater, Phillips Arena, The Georgia Dome, Zoo Atlanta, The Botanical Gardens, and what’s currently home to the Atlanta Braves, Turner Field.  The worlds busiest airport is less then 10 minutes from Downtown Atlanta, The World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, The Worlds Largest Aquarium, Piedmont Park, the upcoming Civil Rights Museum.  The infrastructure is already here.  The New Streetcar is coming to fruition as we speak, and then you add in the most inclusive re-development project in the country, The Atlanta Beltline, and maybe you can start to interpret what I mean when I say “Quality of Life”.

Now if I told you more about what I mean when I say “The Atlanta Beltline” is one of the most inclusive projects in the country, maybe Quality of Life can start to really come into focus.  The Atlanta Beltline will connect communities like no other project in the country.  45 in-town communities, all less than 2-3 miles from Downtown and will be connected by the Atlanta Beltline Project.  That means you can live in Atlanta’s most infamous neighborhood, ground zero for Mortgage Fraud, Pittsburgh, and you’ll have direct access to Rathburns Steakhouse in Historic Old 4th Ward, via the Atlanta Beltline.  It means you could live in Washington Park, a Historically African American Neighborhood, decide to play golf, and have direct access to Bobby Jones Golf Course in Buckhead via The Atlanta Beltline.  You could live in Grant Park and work at Piedmont Hospital, or live in High Point Estates and teach at Morningside Elementary, and have direct access to work, via The Atlanta Beltline.  Walkable-Walkable-Walkable.

But it gets better.  If you live in any of the 45 in-town neighborhoods the Atlanta Beltline connects with, you’ll have access to over 2000 acres of parkspace around the Atlanta Beltline.  You’ll have over 33 miles of Beltline Pedestrian Trails you can use, connecting you all the way to Alabama if your heart desires.  You can work in IT, Healthcare, Education, or be Hospitality, and have access to over 20,000 estimated permanent new jobs created on or around the Atlanta Beltline.  Or you can be a grad student at Georgia Tech, and have an opportunity to shape your backyard in a way that gets us out of our cars, and makes us interact with each other.  Walkable-Walkable-Walkable.  

From my real estate professional point of view, this all leads to better “Quality of Life” for all intown Atlanta residents.  Not just for Buckhead, but Bankhead.  Not just Ansley Park residents, but for Adair Park residents.  

Better yet, living & owning along the Atlanta Beltline can cost from $10,000 – more than a few million, but access will be the same. whether you live in Capitol View Manor, or Glenwood Park.  Whether you go to school at KIPP Strives, or Morningside, access is the same.  

If you can’t afford to buy a home, rental units have exploded around the Atlanta Beltline.  Have you seen the development around Historic Old 4th Ward, Amli Old 4th Ward, Amli Parkside, Highlands Walk, Bohemian House, and Block Lofts, just to name a few.  

The market is talking, and it’s saying “Walkable-Walkable-Walkable”.  Developers are listening, are you?

the 3 most important words in real estate today…..

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Location, Location, Location.  Real Estate 101 says location is the #1 thing in real estate. 

If that’s the case, Old Fourth Ward, Historic 4th Ward, O4W, whatever you call it, should become some of Atlanta’s hottest Real Estate.

If you don’t believe me, here are some of the reasons why:  The Atlanta Beltline, Jamestown’s Ponce City Market, and Walkscore.

Let’s take these in reverses order., allows you to see how walkable a certain address is.  How close the local coffee shop is, local post office, a local park(s), or a great local restaurant, and walkscores in O4W are increasing daily.  

Some of Atlanta’s most walkable neighborhoods are Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Inman Park Village, and Midtown.  But all four of those pale in comparison to what O4W is quickly becoming.  

Atlantic Station:  Although Atlantic Station is (somewhat) new, it’s completely walkable, and has plenty of things to do, it’s also: manufactured to be such, and manufactured to make money.  The restaurants are some of Atlanta’s most expensive.  Ever tried to bring a date to Strip, much less try and feed your family there.  Not a big deal if your part of the 1%, but try doing it on a REALTORS® income(LOL).  We all like nice things, and nice places, and Atlantic Station is nice.  If you decide to pay for a night in Atlantic Station, don’t forget parking.  But if you live there parking won’t be an issue for you, but what about your guest?  

If we were to create a few scales Atlantic Station would get:

  1. Walk-ability: 4 out of 5 strides,
  2. Desirability: 4 out of 5 strides (how desirable are the accessible places), and
  3. Affordability: 2 out of 5 steps (even if you decide to pay to play, you should have to spend so much to park).

*note, Atlantic Station will be connected via the Atlanta Beltline trails in the future.

Buckhead:  Whenever somebody moves to Atlanta, they have to go to Buckhead.  Like Jan Brady once said “Buckhead, Buckhead, Buckhead”.  Problem is, Buckheads not what it used to be?  It has Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza, Tower Place, and The Buckhead Diner, but try walking from one to the other.  Then again, they have one of my favorites “The Atlanta Fish Market”.  If only I could afford to live there, I may, but not if walkable is what I was looking for.  In Peachtree City (30 miles south of the city), they have made getting around on Golf Carts trendy, but if you tried it in Buckhead you’d become part of the wrong 1%.  You’d be roadkill. 

I’m a lover of the area, but not sure it’s walkable.  At least once a year I venture to Buckhead with the plan to let my feet do the walking (or running), but even at 7 in the morning on the 4th of July, people are in a hurry to get outta that place. 

If we were to use that same scale from above, Buckhead would get:

  1. Walk-ability: 1 out of 5 strides,
  2. Desirability: 4 out of 5 strides (who doesn’t want to be close to the Governor’s Mansion?), and
  3. Affordability: 1 out of 5 steps (Unless your paying less than 14% in taxes).

*note, the Southern tip of Buckhead will be connected via the Atlanta Beltline just North of Piedmont Hospital.

Inman Park Village:  Gotta LOVE this area.  With restaurants like Parrish, Barcelona’s, and Pure, the none of them will break you.  Some of the condo’s around there are more affordable than they were designed to be (thanks to the real estate down turn).  And the surrounding neighborhood, Inman Park, is one of Atlanta’s most historic.  The 1% again must love the area, but it’s not exclusive to them with current listings in the low $100,000’s.  But all of Inman Park & Inman Park Village is accessible from O4W.  Now connected by the Beltline trail.

Using the same scale from above, Inman Park Village would get:

  1. Walk-ability: 4.5 out of 5 strides (Beltline Trails, Freedom Park Trail, and the Historic Old 4th Ward Skate Park),
  2. Desirability: 4 out of 5 strides, and
  3. Affordability: 3.5 out of 5 steps.

Midtown:  Talk about walkable, wow, this place is walkable.  Ra, Mid-city Grill, The W, The Lowes Hotel, and Piedmont Park.  This place would be hard to beat.  I have a client now thinking about opening a Cigar bar in the area, but at $47s.f., another wow!!!!  Again, nice to know it’s reachable via The Beltline (starting to see the theme yet?).

Using the same scale from above, Midtown would get:

  1. Walk-ability: 4.5 out of 5 strides (Beltline Trails, and Piedmont Park),
  2. Desirability: 4 out of 5 strides, and
  3. Affordability: 2 out of 5 strides.

Historic Old 4th Ward:  Almost as old as Inman Park, Old 4th Ward holds connections to more of Atlanta’s history.  Most don’t realize that Morris Brown, Spelman College, and Morehouse College all originated in Old 4th Ward.  Atlanta’s most significant resident grew up in Old 4th Ward, Martin Luther King Jr..  HDDC (Historic District Development Corporation) has done an outstanding job of restoring Auburn Ave, the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site,  and Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Home to The Atlanta Civic Center, and the beginning of Freedom Park (and The Carter Center Presidential Library), Masquerade music venue, and Copenhill (Civil War landmark).   All making Old 4th Ward something current & long time residents take much pride in.  Today, thanks in part to the Atlanta Beltline, historic places are getting new much needed attention, and now development is getting it right.  Historic Old 4th Ward Park, the new skate park, Ponce City Market, and The Beltline, all reasons to check it out.  Although we recognize and appreciate the history, embracing “new” might not be a bad thing. 

Working in Real Estate in days past, Location, Location, Location may have been the most important 3 words in the industry, but as gas prices hover around $4/gallon, and traffic has become a 7 day a week issue, the 3 most important words in real estate in reference to Quality of Life are quickly becoming:  Walkable, Walkable, Walkable.

Using the same scale from above, Historic Old 4th Ward would get:

  1. Walk-ability: 4.5 out of 5 strides (Beltline Trails, and Piedmont Park),
  2. Desirability: 4.5 out of 5 strides (Ponce City Market, Masquerade, and Historic Old 4th Ward Park)
  3. Affordability: 4 out of 5 strides (Check out this listing in Block Lofts).

Part 1 of 3.

Save the date for our next Committed to Communities event on March 10, 2012!

Atlanta REALTORS®, led by The BeltLine Team of Morris & Raper Real Estate Consultants and EpiCity, are holding a community wide open house event on Saturday, March 10, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., which includes a free neighborhood cookout at the host house, located at 772 Elbert Street, which is undergoing a green renovation by Vis Viva energy and services.   The event is aimed at encouraging residents to strengthen and stabilize their historic neighborhoods by eradicating vacant homes and increasing homeownership.  Committed to Communities was created to showcase affordable, single family homes in various stages of renovation while inviting neighbors to show off the beauty and uniqueness of their Atlanta Beltline neighborhood.

The March 10 event will include walking tours of open homes in Adair Park, Sylvan Hills, and Capitol View from The BeltLine Team and EpiCity.

For more information about Committed to Communities, including event times and locations, please visit

Atlanta BeltLine downpayment assistance is expiring!

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It’s official – we’re nearing the expiration of the downpayment assistance program from the Atlanta BeltLine! We just received the following information directly from Invest Atlanta (recently renamed from the Atlanta Development Authority):

Invest Atlanta has a cut off date of March 16th to receive complete/approved lender files for DPA processing.  It is strongly suggested that lender applications be taken no later than February 1st to guarantee the loan will close before the deadline of April 15th.  From the date of lender application it takes approximately 60 days to process DPA loans for closing. 

If you have been thinking about buying a home along the Atlanta BeltLine, now is the time to make a move! In the next few weeks, lenders will stop accepting applications (our lenders are telling us February 15). We do not know when this type money will be available again. You can see eligible homes for sale on If you’re ready, we’re here to help you find a great home.

If you are selling your DPA-eligible home along the Atlanta BeltLine, this is an excellent time to make one last marketing push to advertise your property with downpayment assistance (we suggest having your agent add it in to your FMLS public remarks).

While Atlanta BeltLine funds are going away, other downpayment assistance programs are still available (like the new Neighborhood Lift program from Wells Fargo). We can help you navigate through those types of loans as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Thanks!

Ponce City Market tunnel to the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail

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The BeltLine Team real estate group met up with folks from Jamestown and Greenstreet Properties for a quick tour from Ponce City Market (formerly City Hall East) through the third floor tunnel that connects to the long, corrugated steel shed overlooking the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail. Check out the video here!

BeltLine Best Buy: 630 Gillette Avenue, an historic Adair Park mansion for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine!

Posted in BeltLine Best Buys, BeltLine Neighborhood - Adair Park by thebeltlineteam on January 23, 2012

You could own a piece of the past with this Historic Adair Park mansion, event hall, brick bungalow home, and two-car garage! This cluster of four buildings centers around a large courtyard on a corner lot with almost one acre of land. The main house, built in 1892, is an all-brick, three story home with a magical quirkiness. This home is listed for sale as both a commercial property and as a multi-family property since it could be converted into an amazing space for artists, musicians, or a non-profit or purchased by someone looking to renovate it and live in the main house while renting out the other buildings.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Wrap-around porch with views of the downtown Atlanta skyline!

This complex is two blocks from Adair Park 1, .5 miles from West End MARTA Station, and .5 miles from the future trails, transit, and parks of the Atlanta BeltLine!! Close to downtown and major highways I-20 and 75/85!

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Next to the main house is the event hall (seen in the forefront here) that face Gillette Avenue.

An iron gate with stone pillars runs the length of the property that faces the road – over 400 feet of street frontage! Arched gates welcome you home whether on foot (at this entrance) or in a vehicle (at the driveway entrance).

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

The event hall (on the left) and the main house (to the right) as they face the inner courtyard. The brick bungalow is off to the right of this photo.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Wide, southern front porch with architectural details!

This elegant, colonial-style home has spacious rooms with large windows, fireplaces, and hardwood floors. The kitchen, with its vaulted ceilings, is stocked with commercial-grade appliances and wood block countertops. It even has a huge chef’s island in the middle for your culinary needs!

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Skylights from the vaulted, beamed ceilings project natural light into this professional kitchen.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Gorgeous bay windows with patterned, leaded glass on first and second floor.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Original curved walls and curved staircases lend an historical air to this mansion.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

Make the third floor your master suite with this huge room and accompanying private bath.

Behind the main house, facing Metropolitan Avenue, is a 3 bed, 1 bath brick bungalow.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

This brick bungalow is one of FOUR building on this corner lot in Adair Park!

You may think that when we say “event hall,” we’re overstating the purpose of this next building, but it truly is an event space with high ceilings and a completely open floor plan.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

The white columned exterior of the event hall.

630 Gillette Avenue - historic mansion in Adair Park for sale near the Atlanta BeltLine

The interior of the event hall at 630 Gillette Avenue.

If you have questions about this property, please feel free to call Derrick at 404.389.4918 or email and we’ll get back to you. You can also check out the full album of photos on The BeltLine Team’s facebook page.

Neighborhood LIFT: a new homebuyer event focused on affordable housing and downpayment assistance options

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We just received word from our friends over at Wells Fargo about a new type of homebuyer education course they’re rolling out this year. On February 10-11, 2012 a number of nonprofit agencies will be joining the bank in discussing with people their potential for owning a home. Visitors to the Neighborhood LIFT event will meet individually with home finance professionals to explore their options and find out if they’re able and ready to buy a home. After that conversation, potential home buyers can actually apply for downpayment assistance from local non-profit groups. These grants are available in select neighborhoods and for a limited time, so you’ll want to make sure to attend!

Neighborhood LIFT is about more than just helping you with your downpayment. Wells Fargo and the real estate agents involved want to see homeowners succeed, which is why they have a video homebuyer education center with training on managing a home and the continued financial responsibility that comes with it. And when you’re ready to start looking at homes, Neighborhood LIFT will offer an Affordable Home Tour viewing center and neighborhood home tour buses so you can get a feel for the neighborhoods in person.

Here are the details:

  • Date: February 10-11, 2012.
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Exhibit Hall B1
  • 285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30313
    Free parking in designated lots, see web site for details.

SOLD! The Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing sells all homes to 28 sets of buyers

Posted in Affordable Housing, Atlanta BeltLine news & updates by thebeltlineteam on December 21, 2011

It might just be the quickest sale of an entire condo building in Atlanta’s recent residential real estate history: the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing sold all 28 of its homes in one fell swoop on December 10, 2011. This is wonderful news for the Atlanta BeltLine, who bought the foreclosed condo building this past summer, fixed it up, and presented them to the public again this fall. This is the Atlanta BeltLine’s first residential real estate purchase (not something they’re in the habit of) and the fact that they, with the help of the Marketing Directors, pulled it off brings a sigh of relief to all involved. The Marketing Directors operated under a contract with the BeltLine to advertise the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing and to create an excited, orderly approach to selling all of the lofts in one day leveraging a drawing system. In a previous blog post, we explained the drawing system and showed interior images of the lofts.

Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing audience during the drawing

38 sets of potential homeowners waited patiently as 28 winning names were called in the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing drawing

Three of the homes were sold as a part of the Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative (one of the boards I actually sit on) and these are the first Community Land Trust homes they have put under contract in Atlanta. One of the lofts went to an Atlanta Public Schools middle school teacher and the other two went to Atlanta police officers – congrats to all three! One of the couples is actually expecting the birth of their first child in early 2012, right around the time they are set to close on their new loft.
this Atlanta Public Schools teacher won one of the Community Land Trust homes at the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing

Congrats to this Atlanta Public Schools teacher who won one of the Community Land Trust homes at the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing

Atlanta Police Department winners of the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing drawing

And congrats to the Atlanta Police Department winners of the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing drawing

The sale of these lofts really showcases the BeltLine’s and the City of Atlanta’s commitment to affordable housing and to creating more density along the BeltLine corridor. These lofts are located at the intersection of Memorial Drive and the Atlanta BeltLine’s eastside trail (just north of Glenwood Park). We look forward to seeing all of these contracts close in February and see moving trucks out front!

drawing board for the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing

As lofts sold, the Marketing Directors marked off the claimed homes